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          Situated in a small town in Ontario,

Canada, I have used the abundance of nature

and water around me to inspire my pieces,

as well as smaller moments from my

adventures of my day to day life. I enjoy

stumbling upon my inspiration, usually it's a

particular light pattern or colour palette in

front of me, and then take a quick photograph

on my phone. I then let my artistic lens guide

how it is depicted on canvas or paper. I like to use different sized brushstrokes and colours to alter the depth of field of my subject matter; trying to make it look a part of a dream or an old photograph.


          I have been practicing different artistic styles, techniques and mediums all throughout my life and took the leap to showcase them to others. The last five or so years has been focused on creating an artistic style that felt true to me and depicted my vision for my artworks.

          As a high school art teacher by day, I have the privilege and joy of passing my knowledge onto others.

          Thank you for viewing my artwork and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, if you would like to purchase a painting or would like to request a commission.

          - Ben



If you are interesting in purchasing an artwork or commissioning your own custom piece, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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