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"Hello" Collection

          After years of attempting different techniques, consider these paintings a reintroduction of who I am as an artist- This is my "Hello" to you.


          My process for this collection can be broken up into two components; exploring my subject matter and  the painting process. The last few years of  studying and experimenting with colour has helped me recognize colour palettes and how they are presented in the world- whether it is through nature, fabricated items, fashion, or architecture. As I go about my day at work, out on walks in nature, or driving throughout Ontario,  I will be met with colour palettes and compositions that resonate with me and I will stop to capture the moment.

          When sitting down to paint, I take these captured moments and begin to translate them onto the canvas. I choose subjects that provide me with a sense of comfort and a quiet happiness and I aim to translate that feeling to the viewer.


 I alter the depth of field by varying my brushstrokes, allowing a point of emphasis to emerge, whether it is an actual object in the painting or a specific colour.


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